Media Internship Application


Apply to serve as a MEDLIFE Media intern this year! Visit the internships page for more information about the responsibilities and benefits of being a MEDLIFE Media intern. For questions about the application, please contact the Media team at [email protected] // */ // ]]> .

Internship Timeline:

  • January 1 - February 28: Accepting applications for the internships.

  • February 28: Deadline to complete Media applications.

  • March 1 - March 31: Phone interview season.

  • March 31: All students have received either an invitation to interview or a letter of regret.

  • April 1st: All final decisions have been made.

MEDLIFE receives a great number of applications each year for a very limited number of placements; we are only able to select a small percentage of all qualified applicants.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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