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x3virgie's campaign for Lima, Peru - Dec 31 - Jan 8 Description

Hi all!

I will be traveling to Lima, Peru during New Years to help deliver medical services to families in need on a MEDLIFE Mobile Clinic.

In the past summer, I had gone to Riobamba, Ecuador on another MEDLIFE mobile clinic and it was an eye-opening, life-changing experience. I was able to work side by side with local medical professionals, directly interacting with patients. In addition to providing medical services to those who don't have access, I also promoted basic hygiene, such as toothbrush, and preventative measures to children at local schools. I also participated in community building projects, such as the construction of a badly needed sewage system and bathroom for a school.

I am planning again to go to Lima, Peru this winter to do the same. However, as a poor, in-debt, college student, the costs are very hard for me to afford. Please help me realize this goal by supporting my participation!

50% of your donation will go directly towards reducing the cost of my participation on the trip, helping me take part in this valuable hands-on experience.
The other 50% will go towards supporting MEDLIFE's operational budget, which covers costs involved with planning for the Mobile Clinics, delivering patient follow-up care after I leave, and purchase of much needed medical supplies.

Thank you so much for your support and if you have any questions about my experience in Ecuador or about MEDLIFE, feel free to contact me!

What can $1359.00 do?

By contributing to a student's Mobile Clinic campaign, you're helping MEDLIFE achieve its mission in two ways:

1) You're helping a student participate in a Mobile Clinic: 50% of your contribution will go directly towards reducing the student's cost of participation. Our Mobile Clinics serve not only to help the poor, but also to educate and empower college students so that they are better equipped for their future careers. Mobile Clinics provide students with a valuable, hands-on experience in medical aid work, and we greatly appreciate the effort and support of student volunteers in delivering our Mobile Clinic services to those in need.

2) You're making a contribution to MEDLIFE's operational budget: the remaining 50% of your contribution goes to MEDLIFE's Mission Fund. The Mission Fund provides funding for all of MEDLIFE's activities worldwide. Your contribution allows us to hire and train full-time staff in Latin America, deliver essential patient follow-up care, coordinate and support the efforts of student members in North America, develop community education programs, provide additional medical services on our Mobile Clinics, and much more.

Thank you for your contribution!