Start a MEDLIFE Chapter-expansion


If you are interested in starting a MEDLIFE chapter, fill out this form and a MEDLIFE Associate will contact you. They will help guide you along the rest of the steps listed here.
ADVERTISE: Create a Facebook event, distribute Flyers, broadcast in lecture halls and residences, chalk up your campus, post in school listserves and newsletters.
SHOW First General Meeting PowerPoint and videos and share your personal experience with MEDLIFE.
FILL OUT a sheet with all student's name and email to create your listserv.
ANSWER students' questions
  • Optional: You can have a MEDLIFE Expansion team member call in to help answer questions
  • Optional: Post an application for the Executive Board at the end of your presentation.

In order to be officially recognized as a MEDLIFE chapter, you must have the following officer positions filled: President, Vice President, Mobile Clinics Officer, Fundraising Officer, and Media/Advertising Officer. You may send out an application to interested students. Some suggested questions:

    • What executive board position(s) are you interested in?
    • Describe any relevant past leadership experience.
    • What are your future goals?
    • What is your vision for the MEDLIFE chapter?
Send your Eboard names and emails to [email protected] /* */
  • Hold at least 3 info sessions to explain how Mobile Clinics work and to help students register.
  • Introduce the 50:50 Campaign as soon as possible to help students fundraise towards their participation fees.
  • Collect names and emails of students interested in attending a clinic.
  • Hold ongoing preparatory meetings to discuss logistics such as flights, passports, vaccinations, etc.
  • Use website videos and FAQs to help answer questions.
  • Create networking and teambuilding opportunities for students before the trip.
  See MEDLIFE's suggestions for school fundraisers online.
  • Requiring students to sign up for at least 2 volunteering or fundraising events.
  • Diversity in your meetings - try hosting interactive meetings - i.e practice mobile clinic stations (students gain new skills and will have a better idea what to expect on a mobile clinic).
  • Increase your meeting attendance by keeping your meetings regular - hold consistent weekly or bi-monthly meetings.
  • Hosting chapter socials - member bonding is essential for member retention.
  • Creating positions for motivated members in a subcommittee or on your E-board- when a member has a position title or if they  are a part of a subcommittee it allows them to become more involved.
  • Stay open to member input - if they have an idea for an event, go with it! Members feel a sense of pride and involvement if they have been involved in something successful!
  • Hosting guest speakers on Medicine, Education, Development, Global Health, etc.
  • Incorporate group work - group events, local volunteering, volunteering trips - to encourage bonding through regular volunteering and travel experiences.