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The first school classroom construction project was inspired by the community of Telan Playa, Ecuador, when, in March 2010, student volunteers traveled to provide individuals and families in need with Mobile Clinic medical services. 

As children filed out of the schoolroom, MEDLIFE staff members and volunteers saw that 55 children, ages 5 to 13, were tightly packed into a single, small classroom. 
Returning home, these students took matters into their own hands, organizing nationwide fundraising events at MEDLIFE chapters across the USA. By April 24, just 6 weeks after our students visited Telan Playa for the first time, MEDLIFE student members had fundraised enough money to build a second classroom for the school.

Since then, the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education has provided a list of schools in the country most in need of additional classroom space; MEDLIFE Ecuador is currently in the process of building school rooms for several underserved communities. Recently, MEDLIFE has also started a partnership with the Peruvian Ministry of Education to help extend an important, national day care program by building additional day care centers for communities in need.

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Telan Playa School Project Cumandá School Project Wawa Wasi Day Care Project Classroom For Cusco Orphanage Project


MEDLIFE is in the process of building more schools, homes and many other development projects. Get involved in one!