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Much like MEDLIFE's staircase projects, our houses grew out of the specific needs of a patient- in this case, 2-year old Leonel Mori, whose family had traveled to Lima in search of medical care that was unavailable to them in the remote jungle of Peru.

The entire family was sleeping in one crowded bed in the home of a relative in Pamplona Alta. MEDLIFE staff assisted the family through medical exams and operations for Leonel, but soon learned that he lacked a sanitary environment to go home to. So MEDLIFE volunteers and community members pitched in to build them a new house that would be fully equipped with beds for each family member. 

Unfortunately, Leonel's situation is far from unique in the communities where we work. Many families emigrate to urban areas to find better economic opportunities and healthcare, only to be unable to afford housing there.For patients with chronic illnesses or recent operations, a healthy living environment is all the more crucial to preventing the spread of disease and infection. MEDLIFE works with communities and families to identify their needs and create customized solutions that will enable them to live healthier lives.



MEDLIFE's Development Corps trips are a new volunteer opportunity that give you the chance to make a difference by traveling to South America for a week and directly participating in the construction of a home for a family in need. Together with community members and MEDLIFE staff, you will perform tasks such as mixing and moving cement, laying bricks, painting, and planting trees. In your free time, you will have the chance to explore local culture and tourist attractions. MEDLIFE staff in-country follows up with homeowners before and after construction to ensure projects are sustainable. Watch the video to find out more about Development Corps!


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Ariana   monica2
Project: Ariana's House
Location: Lima, Peru
Project: Monica's House
Location: Lima, Peru
Project: Leonel's House
Location: Lima, Peru

julio mendez

Project: Eloy's House
Location: Lima, Peru
Project: Julio's House 
Location:  Lima, Peru
Project: Selvestrina's House 
Location:  Lima, Peru
Project: Ceverina's House 
Location:  Lima, Peru