Ensuring Patient Follow-Up






                                                                                                                When patients are simply referred to local hospitals for treatment,










many times they still fail to receive the treatments they need due to lack of resources, lack of confidence, or lack of a true understanding about their medical problems. For all of these reasons, MEDLIFE has developed a year-round patient follow-up process.

We support our patients in many ways. We provide financial resources for treatments, emotional support, nutritional assistance for malnourished families, and educational resources to help individuals better understand their conditions.  





Follow-up care for our patients is handled by
community health workers and nurses

Following our Mobile Clinics, our staff members review each patient's case in order to identify individuals who require further support and treatment. Patients are also sometimes referred to MEDLIFE through community members who are familiar with our work.




Our patient follow-up team conducts individual patient visits,
checks in on patients who present serious symptoms, and delivers exam results (i.e. Pap smear and breast cancer screenings). When a Mobile Clinic participant receives abnormal test results, we accompany him/her along each step in the process of recovery. The type and length of support we provide to our patients varies with each individual's needs. If patients can't afford their medicine we purchase it for them; if they can't afford to pay for transportation to the hospital we pay for their bus fare; when they can't afford a necessary surgery we are there to fill the financial gap. In some cases we have been following patients for several years due to their complicated situations.











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