MEDPrograms Internship Application

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As a year-long intern in the MED Programs Department, you will work closely with the nurses, project director and administrative staff to prepare for Mobile Clinics and organize and improve systems within the Patient Follow-Up and Project Development programs. This position includes going into the field with nurses and our project director to follow up with patients, attend community meetings and educational workshops.


  • Planning and implementing community assessments 
  • Reviewing and organizing patient files to program follow-up visits
  • Preparing supplies and materials for the mobile clinics
  • Refilling medications for the pharmacy station
  • Working in the field. This means: walking around communities to locate patients, observing project progress, and participating in mobile clinics
  • Attending community meetings to discuss future projects/workshops/clinics
  • Attending preventive health educational workshops
  • Visiting patients in their homes (with nurses)
  • Accompanying patients to hospital/clinic appointments (with nurses)
  • Supervising clinic data and inventory collection
  • Maintaining data collection, input and analysis


  • Proficient Spanish
  • Team work
  • Team leadership
  • Data collection and analysis - familiarity with Excel/Google sheets
    Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Flexibility
  • Project planning
  • Organization


  • Intermediate High or Advanced Spanish level
  • Availability of 9-months to live on site in Lima (August-May)

Work Environment

  • 50% of time spent in the field, 50% spent in the office
  • Activities in the field may include lots of walking or climbing hillsides in order to get to communities
  • MED Programs interns may take part in project building - transporting materials, helping with house projects, etc.
  • MED Programs department is largely Spanish speaking team members


  • Lima, Peru (clinic season may provide opportunities to travel to one of our other locations)
  • Other MEDLIFE Locations including Cusco, Peru and Riobamba, Ecuador (TBD)


  • Free housing and utilities provided
  • Interns are responsible for airfare and personal expenses and those who complete the full program will be considered for a stipend/up to $1000 flight reimbursement upon completion of their internship
  • Meals are provided while interns are assisting on Mobile Clinics or Post Clinic Activities
  • Professional and personal development
  • Experience in the public-health and nonprofit sectors


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