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At MEDLIFE, we want to make it easy for you to go on a trip and get the most out of your experience.

The 50:50 campaign allows you to increase your impact with MEDLIFE while simultaneously making your service learning trip more affordable. 

For every dollar raised through your 50:50 campaign, 50 cents will go to you as a discount off of your participation fee, and 50 cents will go towards MEDLIFE's efforts throughout the year like providing medical care, organizing health education workshops, and completing development projects. 


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Visit medlifeweb.org and view a list of all of our trips. Choose the trip that suits you best and sign up online.   Once you are registered, a 50:50 campaign page is automatically created for you. Simply log in to your "MyMEDLIFE" account to customize your campaign page.   Send your campaign link to friends and family. Use email and social media to reach out to people quickly and effectively.    Recieve donations! 50% of the money you raise will go towards to cost of your trip, and the other 50% to the MEDLIFE Fund. 


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To thank our volunteers, MEDLIFE will present everyone who organizes a 50:50 Campaign and raise $200 or more with an official certificate of recognition.   All 50:50 campaign organizers who raise $200 or more will recieve an exclusive MEDLIFE scrubs along with a certificate of recognition.    All 50:50 campaign organizers who raise $350 or more will receive a MEDLIFE hoodie along with a certificate of recognition.


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DisclaimerIn accordance with United States tax law and regulations, a donation to the MEDLIFE Project Fund is 100% tax-deductible by the person making the donation. However, only 50% of a donation given to the 50:50 campaign (i.e., the portion that goes towards MEDLIFE's General Mission Fund) is tax-deductible for the person making the donation. The portion of a donation that reduces a student's cost of participating in a mobile clinic is not tax-deductible. If donors have general questions about whether or not donations to MEDLIFE are tax–deductible, they can call MEDLIFE'S U.S.-based office at 1-844-MEDLIFE (1-844-633-5433). However, specific questions about the deductibility of contributions should be directed to a donor's qualified tax advisor.